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fire and smoke..cathedral ablaze

…it was an early start 0430 hrs the temperature was already registering 17 degrees centigrade..a mad dash across several counties to meet the chaps and chapesses in Wiltshire for a day of getting totally lost (again!) underground…

The pompey crew arrived in a cloud of steam ! Poor Oli’s car suffered a damaged in true “we came only for the pictures” we abandoned it under a tree and wandered off to the mine entrance..

Some of the more hardy amongst us had spent the night in Cathedral and we were led to their camping spot by the smell of breakfast cooking..
Box is huge…Cathedral is just massive! Didn’t take us long to break out the wire wool !and act like a bunch of five years olds on acid !

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..well not unless you go out with me then it gets very exciting.

I’ve lived in and around Dover all my life and as a kid I can remember riding my bike around some of the long forgotten tunnels that the local council filled in during the 1970’s!

I’ve been down some more times than I care to remember but they always hold a fascination..sadly most are now well trashed and in a poor state and are under threat of being sealed up and lost forever..

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the robots on fire

the robots on fire by The Urban Adventure
the robots on fire, a photo by The Urban Adventure on Flickr.

Box Mine – Possibly the best place to spend a Sunday away from the family !

Fabulous day out with some very cool people…despite many attempts at getting lost and a certain team member hiding the maps in his trousers and forgetting about them, we did find our way out…by accident. Our attempts to find the underground cannabis farm failed as well (those in the group will understand)

Those tempting holes cut into sheet steel provided major frustrations at huge solid steel blast doors!…

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