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fire and smoke..cathedral ablaze

…it was an early start 0430 hrs the temperature was already registering 17 degrees centigrade..a mad dash across several counties to meet the chaps and chapesses in Wiltshire for a day of getting totally lost (again!) underground…

The pompey crew arrived in a cloud of steam ! Poor Oli’s car suffered a damaged in true “we came only for the pictures” we abandoned it under a tree and wandered off to the mine entrance..

Some of the more hardy amongst us had spent the night in Cathedral and we were led to their camping spot by the smell of breakfast cooking..
Box is huge…Cathedral is just massive! Didn’t take us long to break out the wire wool !and act like a bunch of five years olds on acid !

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MOOOOOO! by The Urban Adventure
MOOOOOO!, a photo by The Urban Adventure on Flickr.

A very early morning walk about the village…some people will never see these sites…get up people and open your eyes !

All pics for sale …just ask !

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the sun room

the sun room by The Urban Adventure
the sun room, a photo by The Urban Adventure on Flickr.

Luckily this place has been saved..unlucky for us urbex’s undergoing full renovation now..

Some minor HDR on these if that offends please don’t look…

I’ve lived round these parts most of my life..I’ve walked past this place so many times and never realised that it was abandoned..guess I should have gone to Specsavers !

It was built by a very prominent Dover man around the beginning of the 1900’s and designed by a leading architect of that day who went onto design the Garrick Club in London. As you can see there are some heavy Art Deco influences in the detailing.

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the tunnel was filling with water

I did this last year and have wanted to go back and do the others; this is one of twenty or so drainage tunnels that take water away from the main Dover to Folkestone railway line.

…after the epic let down of not hitting up the asylum today we decided to spend our hard earnt Saturday morning off underground…

Now for those of you that do not live in this drought zone they call Kent let me assure you that it isn’t! The amount of water flowing freely out to sea from these drains is staggering! The water companies should be ashamed of themselves!

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