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Kent Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Every wedding is unique! And every couple will have a different idea as to the photographs that they want taken on their special day!

It’s hard work deciding on what you want taken on the day and even harder deciding afterwards how to present your pictures.

I work on a simple process of building your wedding photography package from scratch to suit you rather than me!

You can have a basic package or a more advanced – whatever suits you and your budget. The key requirement is an open dialogue so both parties know what they want from the day.

Being your wedding photographer is so much more than just clicking a button and working off a list written in the latest bridal magazine.  I definitely don’t see your wedding as a fashion shoot to follow the latest trendy fad.

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…a cold night on the beach!

…so cold…so very cold…wanted some star trails but the moon was so bright it washed the stars right out…

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MOOOOOO! by The Urban Adventure
MOOOOOO!, a photo by The Urban Adventure on Flickr.

A very early morning walk about the village…some people will never see these sites…get up people and open your eyes !

All pics for sale …just ask !

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..well not unless you go out with me then it gets very exciting.

I’ve lived in and around Dover all my life and as a kid I can remember riding my bike around some of the long forgotten tunnels that the local council filled in during the 1970’s!

I’ve been down some more times than I care to remember but they always hold a fascination..sadly most are now well trashed and in a poor state and are under threat of being sealed up and lost forever..

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..alone with my thoughts

Sometimes you don’t have to travel far to explore stuff..this is almost walking distance from my house!

It’s been abandoned for a while now, history tells that a fire broke out in one of the stables under mysterious circumstances killing several horses and after that the place was just left.

I’ve been back a few times, summer and winter to do various’ll find some interesting pics on my Flickr profile !

It’s been stripped out but the original threshing machine remains in the old wooden part of the barn.

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