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..well not unless you go out with me then it gets very exciting.

I’ve lived in and around Dover all my life and as a kid I can remember riding my bike around some of the long forgotten tunnels that the local council filled in during the 1970’s!

I’ve been down some more times than I care to remember but they always hold a fascination..sadly most are now well trashed and in a poor state and are under threat of being sealed up and lost forever..

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the prisoners have escaped

doorways of light by The Urban Adventure
doorways of light, a photo by The Urban Adventure on Flickr.

Our first stop on our little wander across France and Belgium this weekend…after waking up the small village of sleeping Romanians parked in front of the place we thought we’d better make ourselves scarce!

After a lovely walk in the sunshine we found our entry point! Easy this Urbex lark !

After 20 minutes of acting like a bunch of newbies ….first rule of urbex…always check to see if the bloody enormous door staring you in the face is open..we climbed rather unceremoniously in through a small window !

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Photographer for hire

mesmallPhotographer of the ordinary and unusual – available for hire and commissions.

I am passionate about photography. I have an eye for photographing the unusual, be it people or structures, capturing them at their best, naturally and unobtrusively.
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What else do I photograph?

What else do I photograph?

Photography is my hobby…and I’m not very good at it !.. there are far more talented people out there in the world but it keeps me off the streets and gives me something to indulge in.

Mainly I take pictures of abandoned derelict buildings, whether domestic or industrial. Other than that I’m partial to sun sets and sun rises! Which means I’m either up early or out late in the evening!

I like my 50mm lens and regularly take a variety of pics with this. My main weapon of choice is the Sigma 10-20mm attached to my Nikon D7000.

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