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..time for bed

..time for bed by The Urban Adventure
..time for bed, a photo by The Urban Adventure on Flickr.

Le Grand Hotel Regina

Situated in a beautiful valley on the banks of a majestic river this abandoned hotel looks forlorn and out of place with the well-kept houses along the same road.. true British style we parked right outside and bundled out of the car..the trouble with exploring with 6 other people is everyone wants to be first was like rats leaving a sinking ship!

After negotiating a squeeze into the basement we were in…only to find that the main floor had been stolen! Amazing really…what were they trying to get at ? Still the upper floors remained in pretty good condition.

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Pipe Porn – Belgium Style

After our rather disappointing start to our inaugural Belgium road trip we made our second stop at IM Power I’ve been up close and personnel with Battersea but this place was huge !

After entering via the very secure fence we walked around for ages to find a way in, interrupted a courting couple (seriously too cold for those kind of shenanigans – find an abandoned hotel)…they have done a very good job of sealing this place up! Splitting up into two groups we finally found an unusual way to enter the main site itself..dam hard work walking up that conveyor ;-) especially when the floor is made of wood and was surprisingly spring like !

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Stairway to Heaven

Seven of us left England very early in the morning! Still cannot believe we got seven blokes, camera gear and “overnight bags” into a Zaffira ! A race across France and into Belgium..suspiciously eyeing the weather after each kilometre..yes there was snow on the ground..

Armed with many satellite navigational aids “Google Maps” managed to deliver us to our was the hill on the other side of the valley! After a hysterical climb up the hill and then down it and then up the other side we finally managed to spot the tower of the Chateau through the trees.

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