River Cottage

River Cottage by The Urban Adventure
River Cottage, a photo by The Urban Adventure on Flickr.

One Labrador + one flooded landscape = frantic morning out!
Stupid dog! Still..it’s a bit flooded down here in Bushy Ruff/Russell Gardens!

Rather amazed at the number of snowdrops that are out as well.

A brief spell of blue sky after days and days of rain…it’s a little swampy!

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the house on the hill

This old place has been abandoned for years now..and with the recent bad weather has taken a right hammering. Such a shame as the views are great!

Probably not a wise choice to visit on a rather windy day…couple of those slates came whizzing off the roof!

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Salvage Hunters

Salvage Hunters by The Urban Adventure
Salvage Hunters, a photo by The Urban Adventure on Flickr.

With a real need to get out and photograph something other than the rain I headed for a quiet corner of a large industrial estate in Broadstairs today…however..sods law dictated that as I was doing something indoors it would remain sunny and blue sky out..

As I spend most of my spare time rummaging about inside decaying derelict buildings today’s excursion to a salvage yard proved to be very enjoyable. Lots of old stuff…gathering dust, awaiting a new owner and home to once again shine in.

Some real gems of a long forgotten past tucked away on shelves and in crates.

Whipped out the new Nikon D7100 and stuck on the 35mm f1.8 for some detailed pictures of what is crammed into this tiny unit. It’s Bokeh heaven as well! Lots of shiny stuff capturing the light and giving that lovely diffused effect.

It was good to get out and take some photos…battling against the weather on the way home wasn’t much fun!

Thanks to Dave at Architectural Antiques over on the Pysons Road Industrial Estate for letting me wander around the place with my camera. He’s on Facebook and at www.heritagereclaim.co.uk
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